Transition Services

TBA, Supervisor

Phone Number: (754) 321-3430



Transition is movement or change for a student, without interruption, to future adult settings upon exit from high school. The Transition IEP (TIEP) meeting includes the student, family, school staff, agency staff, and others identified by the TIEP team. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) emphasizes the importance of involving students in meaningful ways in this process. Transition planning occurs over time beginning at age 14 and continuing through age 21.

Transition Services Options

Transition services are a coordinated set of activities that assist students in preparing for post- secondary school adult settings and life such as:

Services for Students 18 Through 21 years old

The District provides transition services to students with disabilities who have not graduated with a standard high school diploma or who have deferred receiving their standard high school diploma in order to access additional transition services.

Community-Based Employment Services and Structured Work-Study Internships for students 18 through 21 include:

For additional information, please contact the ESE Department at your child’s school or contact the District Exceptional Student Learning Support Office at (754) 321-3400.

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