Students with Intellectual Disabilities


Andrea Ciotti, Curriculum Supervisor

Phone Number: (754) 321-3404


An intellectual disability is defined as significantly below average general intellectual and adaptive functioning manifested during the developmental period, with significant delays in academic skills. Developmental period refers to birth to eighteen (18) years of age.

Broward County Public Schools provides a variety of specialized services to approximately 2,000 students with Intellectual Disabilities, ages 3-22.

These services are individualized based upon student needs and are determined through the IEP Process. Supports may include instruction in the Florida Standards Access Points for English Language Arts and Mathematics and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science and Social Studies. In addition, life skills related to independent functioning, social/emotional behavior, communication and related services such as physical and/or occupational therapy, nursing and specialized transportation are also provided to students as needed. 

InD Special Program Locations:



Bennett Elementary

(754) 322-5450

Country Hills Elementary

(754) 322-5950

Eagle Ridge Elementary

(754) 322-6300

Hollywood Park Elementary

(754) 323-6250

Manatee Bay Elementary

(754) 323-6450

Maplewood Elementary

(754) 322-6850

Nob Hill Elementary

(754) 322-7200

Park Lakes Elementary

(754) 322-7650

Pembroke Lakes Elementary

(754) 323-6950

Pinewood Elementary

(754) 322-7950

Sanders Park Elementary

(754) 322-8400

Silver Ridge Elementary

(754) 323-7500

Silver Shores Elementary

(754) 323-7550

Stirling Elementary

(754) 323-7600

Tedder Elementary

(754) 322-8650

Westwood Heights Elementary

(754) 323-7900

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