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The purpose of this information is to help parents understand what is necessary to have an outside psychological evaluation report receive consideration in the schools for student eligibility decisions. This is a process that is guided by School Board policy; therefore, it is in your best interest to consider the following information carefully before selecting a private psychologist. Please share this information with the private psychologist that you select.


  1. Find out whether the private psychologist holds a state license. The psychologist must be licensed as either a psychologist or a school psychologist in order for the School District to use his/her report in making program eligibility decisions.
  2. If a school psychologist recently evaluated your son/daughter, have a meeting with the school psychologist to discuss the results. After you read your copy of the psycho-educational evaluation report, ask the school psychologist to explain anything that you do not understand.
  3. Give the private psychologist copies of any previous school psychological reports. If the private psychologist gives the same tests too soon after they were given at school, the accuracy of the results may be questioned.
  4. Suggest that the private psychologist call the District Coordinator of Psychological Services or a Team Leader of Psychological Services if he/she has any questions about evaluation procedures. It is important that the private psychologist administers the most recent forms of the tests, or the accuracy of the results may be questioned.
  5. Have the private psychologist prepare a signed report that includes the psychologist’s name, address, phone number, and license number.
  6. Bring the report to the designated staff member at your child’s school. Be aware that, once you submit the report, it becomes part of your son’s/daughter’s school records. The school psychologist, serving as evaluation specialist on the school’s Eligibility Committee, reviews the report to determine if the evaluation meets the criteria in the District’s Outside Psychological Evaluation Policy. It may be necessary for the school psychologist to talk to the private psychologist about his/her report. If so, you will be asked to give consent for this communication. The school’s support team makes a determination about how the information provided by the outside evaluation should be used within the collaborative problem-solving process.

It is important to understand that the school’s Eligibility Committee considers the information provided in an outside evaluation report in conjunction with other information provided in the student’s records and by staff. However, the Committee may not agree with the conclusions or follow all the recommendations in the outside evaluation report.

Please feel free to contact your school psychologist or a member of our administrative staff if you have questions.

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