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Tara Rodger, Electronic Management System (EMS) Manager

Phone Number: (754) 321-3437


The John M. McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities was created to provide educational options for parents of disabled students in grades K-12 living in Florida.

By participating in the McKay Scholarship Program, your student may be able to attend a different public school in your district, attend a public school in a neighboring district, or receive a scholarship to attend a participating private school.

For Public School

If you wish to use the John M. McKay Scholarship program to have your child attend a different public school:

Go to and file your intent. You will receive notification of your status within 30 business days of our application date

For Private School

If you wish to use the John M. McKay Scholarship Program to have your child attend a participating private school:

Go to and file your intent. The District will verify your child’s eligibility and respond to the website within 30 business days

Gardiner Scholarship (previously known as PLSA)

The Gardiner Scholarship Program provides eligible students a scholarship that can be used to purchase approved services or products in order to design a customized educational program for the student. Scholarships can be used for specialized services such as speech or occupational therapy, instructional materials, tuition at an eligible private school, contributions to a college prepaid account and more. The program is directly administered by state-approved nonprofit scholarship funding organizations. For additional information visit


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