School Medicaid Program


Deneen Gorassini, Medicaid Coordinator

Phone Number: (754) 321-3471


Medicaid is a program for low-income persons whose income and/or resources are below certain levels. School Medicaid uses a student’s individual education plan (IEP) as the treatment plan to support the services provided within the educational environment.

Mission Statement: To support schools to document and provide Medicaid compliant services while accessing the maximum Medicaid reimbursement allowable.

Medicaid Certified School Match Program Fee for Service

Broward County Public Schools is enrolled in a Direct Service Medicaid Program, otherwise known as Fee for Service.

The Medicaid Fee for Service program (FFS) reimburses school districts for therapies and interventions which are identified on an individual Educational Plan (IEP) and provided to students who are both Medicaid eligible and individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) eligible.

Services will only be reimbursable if we have Parental Consent and your child is Medicaid eligible.

Reimbursable Services Include:

The funds generated through this program are used to support and enhance student services at your school and within the district.

Please speak to your ESE Specialist regarding giving your consent or call the Medicaid department at 754-321-3400 with questions.

Documents for Parents:

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