Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System (FDLRS)

Gwen Lipscomb

Gwen Lipscomb, FDLRS Coordinator

Phone Number: (754) 321-3466

E-mail: Gwen.Lipscomb@browardschools.com

Human Resource Development

Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Human Resources Development (HRD) function personnel collaboratively plan and provide information, training, technical assistance/consultation and resources related to effective instructional strategies and models for the education of children and youth who are exceptional and/or have unique needs based on locally assessed needs and established priorities.

HRD services include needs assessments and personnel development with multi-level professional development activities at the awareness, comprehensive, integration, application, and follow-up levels.

For more information on HRD services in Broward County contact your FDLRS Reach Associate Center through the Exceptional Student Learning Support Department.

Parent Resources: https://padlet.com/esebcps/fdlrshrd

FDLRS Reach HRD Program Specialists:

Rhonda Bachmann: rhonda.bachmann@browardschools.com

Naomi Church: naomi.church@browardschools.com

Keondra Pierre-Eafford: keondra.pierre@browardschools.com

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